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University name: Maastricht University
Duration of study – 4 years
Tuition fees:
1st year - €14,000/year (discount of up to €5,000 possible)
2nd-4th year - €10,000 - €12,000/year
Study period: September - July
Accommodation: on-campus dormitory. Cost starting from €650 per month
• Arts and Culture
• Digital Society
• European Studies
• European Law School
• Global Studies
• Maastricht Science Programme
• Economics and Business Economics
• Business Analytics
• Computer Science
• Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
• Econometrics and Operations Research
High school diploma or transcript of grades from the last 2 years
Copy of the first page of the international passport
English language test:
- IELTS 5.5 (at least 5.0 in all components),
- TOEFL iBT 70, OR an equivalent score in another English proficiency exam.
Maastricht University is located in the Netherlands and is one of the young and innovative universities, founded in 1976.
Maastricht University is known for its interdisciplinary approach to education, combining traditional disciplines with modern research.
More than 18,000 students from over 120 countries are enrolled at Maastricht University, making it a multinational and multilingual educational institution.
Maastricht University offers over 50 bachelor's, master's, and PhD programs.
One of the main principles of education at Maastricht University is Problem-Based Learning (PBL), which emphasizes active student participation in the learning process and the development of their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
Maastricht University offers numerous student exchange programs and double degree programs with partner universities.
Maastricht University is recognized as one of the leading universities in Europe in the fields of health and biomedical sciences research, and also has strong areas in economics, law, health sciences, and culture. The university is also known for its English-taught master's programs, attracting students from all over the world. Maastricht University campuses are located in the cities of Maastricht and Heerlen.
Tel. +31 6 30 35 39 18
1077EM Amsterdam
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