Guaranteed admission to university abroad!
The StudyGRI team assists in applying to educational institutions in the USA, UK, and the Netherlands and offers discounts ranging from 10% to 70% on tuition fees depending on the request and case.

The consultation will be useful for those who want to obtain general information to understand their options abroad, as well as for those who already know which programs interest them and want to learn more about them.

Fill out the application form with Alina
For us to answer your questions and for you to decide on the next steps for admission, fill out the form and schedule a consultation with an expert.
When do you plan to enroll?
Where are you studying now?
Which country do you want to study in?
What program are you interested in?
Your level of English
Have you taken the IELTS exam?
Which study budget range is right for you?
We will try to choose options to suit your budget. We do not provide 100% grants for studies. Depending on the request and case, we will help you get a discount of 10% on studies.
Where is the best place to have a consultation?
Tel. +31 6 30 35 39 18
1077EM Amsterdam
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