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University name: University of Brighton
Duration of study – 4 years
Tuition fees:
1st year - £14,770/year
2nd-4th year - £14,300/year
Study period: September - July
Accommodation: on-campus dormitory. Cost starting from £6,000 per semester
High school
stage 1
stage 2
stage 3
stage 4
first year degree
second year degree
final year degree
• Art and Design
• Building and Architecture
• Business and Finance
• Computing
• Education
• Engineering
• Environment and Agriculture
• Law
• Marketing and Media
• Science and Health
• Social Science and Humanities
Certificate of completion of secondary education, with a minimum average score of 7.5/12
IELTS 5.0 (minimum 4.5 in all exam components)
The University of Brighton was founded in 1859 when the Brighton School of Art was opened.
The university is one of the most environmentally responsible in the UK, having achieved the highest score in the "Green League" ranking in 2021.
At the University of Brighton, you can study over 200 undergraduate and postgraduate programs, as well as PhD programs and research projects.
Some buildings on the university campus have been used as locations for filming movies and TV shows, including "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone," "The Avengers," and "Fletch".
The University of Brighton has a large collection of art and design, which includes works by artists such as Pablo Picasso and Henry Moore.
The university is home to the Brighton Students' Union, which provides students with opportunities for social and cultural life on campus.
Some notable alumni of the University of Brighton include Oscar winners, British musicians and designers, as well as successful businessmen and politicians.
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