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University name: University of Twente
Duration of study – 4 years
Tuition fees:
1st year - €15,650/year (discount of up to €2,000 possible)
2nd-4th year - €9,250 - €12,755/year
Study period: September - July
Accommodation: on-campus dormitory. Cost starting from €650 per month
year 12 or equivalent
• BSc Advanced Technology
• BSc Applied Mathematics
• BSc Business & IT
• BSc Chemical Science & Engineering
• BSc Civil Engineering
• BSc Creative Technology
• BSc Electrical Engineering
• BSc Industrial Design Engineering
• BSc Industrial Engineering & Management
• BSc Mechanical Engineering
• International Honours College - BSc Technology and Liberal Arts & Sciences
• BSc Communication Science
• BSc International Business Administration
• BSc Management, Society & Technology
High school diploma or transcript of grades from the last 2 years
Copy of the first page of the international passport
English language test:
- IELTS 5.5 overall (5.5 in writing and no other scores below 5.5)
- TOEFL 70, subscores may be considered*
Motivational letter
The University of Twente ranks 3rd in the ranking of Dutch technical universities.
More than 11,000 students from over 100 countries are enrolled at the University of Twente.
The university offers more than 20 bachelor's and master's programs in fields such as engineering, materials science, information technology, business, and other areas.
More than 75% of Twente University graduates find employment within 6 months after graduation.
The university is located in the city of Enschede in the eastern part of Netherlands, which is a technological hub with a high concentration of high-tech companies.
Students at the University of Twente have access to numerous opportunities for research and innovation within the university's research centers and institutes.
The University of Twente is known for its approach to education, which integrates scientific and practical knowledge with the aim of solving real-world problems and creating new technological solutions.
Tel. +31 6 30 35 39 18
1077EM Amsterdam
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